war crime
an act (or a failure to act) that is committed during an international armed conflict, whether or not it is legal at that time and in that place, which is against international law; e.g. acts that took place during the Holocaust
a directive to police officers either to arrest a person or to search specific premises
warrant expiry date
the date on which an offender’s sentence ends, including parole
anything used, designed to be used, or intended for use for the purposes of threatening, injuring or killing any person
white-collar crime
crimes committed by employees for personal gain, as opposed to corporate crime which is designed to benefit the company; e.g. stealing from an employer, or fraud
something done intentionally or recklessly
a person who gives evidence before the court and who swears to facts or gives testimony under oath
women’s shelter
a residential facility for abused women and their dependent children
work release
a form of conditional release lasting for up to 60 days at a time which involves work or community service outside of the penitentiary while being supervised by a staff member or other authorized person or organization