kangaroo court
a term referring to a court that is biased and thus gives an unfair verdict or judgment
to take and carry away a person against his or her own will; compare with “abduction”
a barrister and solicitor; a person licensed to practice law
leading question
questions asked by lawyers during cross-examination which often suggest the answers
legal aid
the supplying of publicly funded legal services to persons demonstrating financial need
legal counsel
see “lawyer”
proposed laws; Bills introduced in a legislature
the part of government (House of Commons, Senate, a provincial legislature) with the power to make, change and abolish laws
lesser but included offence
an offence that is similar but not as serious; assault is a lesser included offence of aggravated assault (a person charged with aggravated assault can be convicted of assault if the Crown is unable to prove that the assault was serious enough to warrant the higher charge)
responsibility for one’s actions, or the results of one’s actions later in time. This includes civil responsibility of individuals, businesses, and organizations
lie-detector test
a test in which a recording device equipped with sensors that are attached to the body can pick up small physiological changes (such as increased heart rate, rises in blood pressure, increases in the activity of sweat glands) which are automatic responses to anxiety with the assumption being that those who lie will be anxious over being discovered. These tests are not admissible in courts and can only be administer to a person who is willing to consent to having the test done. (Also known as a polygraph test)
life sentence
a sentence for which the offender will, technically, be under some type of supervision – either in prison or on parole – until death, except in the rare cases where a pardon is granted due to a wrongful conviction
an offender serving a life sentence
proceeding with a lawsuit
long term offender
offenders who are likely to re-offend, and for whom a judge has agreed that the offender should be supervised after their release from prison for a given period of up to ten years