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We are equipped to provide support and assistance to victims of violent crime throughout Canada. Victims and their families can contact Victims of Violence for support and referrals, and help understanding the justice system. We conduct research on issues related to victims of crime and act as a resource centre, providing information on these issues for victims and the community.

We produce and distribute victim information guides on a variety of topics having to do with victims and the criminal justice system, including such topics as “A Guide to Providing Support and Assistance to Victims” and “A Survivor’s Guide to Homicide and Grieving.” Please browse our Victim Information Library to view our victim information guides. They may also be ordered in paper format by emailing vofv(at)victimsofviolence(dot)


We are equipped to print and distribute posters of missing persons throughout Canada free of charge. Victims of Violence is not able to accept cases of children who have been the victim of parental abduction. If you would like more information on parental child abduction, or would like support in this area, please contact us for a referral to an organization in your area. If you would like copies of our posters, for display in a public place, please email us at vofv(at)victimsofviolence(dot)


We are dedicated to the protection of children through education. We offer a wide variety of written child protection materials, and a number of materials to help parents understand the importance of educating their children on personal safety. Many thousands of child protection materials are distributed annually in an effort to prevent crimes against children. We also produce a variety of Child Safety Booklets including such topics as “Your Child and the Internet” and “Responding to and Reporting Child Sexual Abuse”. Please browse Child Protection & Safety to view our child safety information booklets and to access information about our Child ID kit program.


As you travel through the criminal justice system, there may be times where you need support, accompaniment or help from an organization that is close to where you live. We have compiled an extensive listing of private and government agencies which are equipped to deal with victims of various types of crime. Please browse these listings by searching by keyword or by filtering by type of service and/or by region.

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Courtenay, BC

(250) 334-5979

(Program includes Buckley Bay, Comox, Courtenay, Cumberland, Denman Island, Hornby Island, Mount Washington, Royston and Union Bay.)

1410 – 405 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3L6
(204) 945-0899
(800) 262-9344
(204) 948-3071 (Fax)

Provides financial compensation to injured victims of crime, surviving family members of a person killed due to a crime and individuals injured while preventing the commission of a crime. Compensation includes wage loss, medical aid expenses such as ambulance, dental, medication, clothing and counselling costs. The program also provides rehabilitation services to victims who are unable to continue working due to their injuries.

Coquitlam, BC (Includes Port Coquitlam)

(604) 945-1585

PO Box 152, Corner Brook, NF A2H 6C9

Crisis Line: (709) 634-4198
*Toll Free Crisis Line: 1-866-634-4198

Business Line (709) 634-4199
Public Awareness (709) 634-8815
Fax: (709) 634-4197

Duncan, BC

(250) 746-2160

Cranbrook, BC

(250) 417-4225

Creston, BC

(250) 428-9313