Current Issues

The Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act would provide law enforcement and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) with the modern investigative tools they need to help fight crime and national security threats, while strengthening safeguards to protect the privacy of Canadians. Public Safety Canada.

Bill C-30 would require telecommunications service providers (TSP) to:

  • implement and maintain systems capable of lawfully intercepting communications in order to support the police and CSIS when needed; […]

Two Acts which provide tougher sentences for murderers will have come into force. The Protecting Canadians by Ending Sentence Discounts for Multiple Murders Act ensures that multiple murderers serve their parole ineligibility periods one after another. An Act to amend the Criminal Code and another Act (originally called the Serious Time for the Most Serious Crime Act) effectively repeals the “faint-hope clause” […]