Victims of Violence is proud to present our My Personal ID Kit. Each kit comes complete with three booklets in a zip lock bag for safe storage by the parent or guardian. These booklets include the Child ID Kit, A Parent’s Guide to Common Lures Used in Child Abduction and a “Gill the Goldfish” safety colouring book. The kit also comes with an ink strip and instructions for finger prints and even a handi-wipe for quick clean up. Our Child Identification Kits are available now in both English and French.


When is my child old enough to fingerprint?
The answer to this question is very interesting to most and was provided to us by the RCMP The ridge formations or characteristics are formed in the fetus during the third or fourth month of pregnancy. They are permanently fixed and, except for growth, no other changes will occur in these characteristics until the skin decays after death. So, if your child is born, they are old enough to fingerprint.
Do I need a separate kit for each of my children?
Yes, each child will require their own kit as the information you fill in on each child will be different.
How do I ensure my child’s ID Kit is up-to-date each year?
Simply replace your child’s photo in the kit each year with a new school picture or family photo which best depicts how your child looks. Any additional information such as new scars, broken bones, etc. can simply be added in if and when appropriate.
Is there a data bank in Canada which holds this confidential information on our children?
No, there is not. The cost of such a data bank run by a reputable source such as RCMP or government would be extremely high and not a cost we can foresee government willing to foot anytime soon. Also, the man hours to update and maintain this type of information would be phenomenal. We suggest once the ID Kits are filled out, they are stored by the parent or guardian in safe place should they ever need to be retrieved immediately. Over the years, there have also been organizations whom claim to warehouse such information in case of emergency. This is not a practice we advocate because the Kits contain such private information on your child and no one should have access to that information but parents or guardians of the child.


Individual Family

We are proud that we are now able to offer our Child Identification Kits free of charge to any individual family who contacts our office at 1-888-606-0000 to receive kits for their own children in Canada.

We ask that each family only order enough for their own children as it is a good way for us to track how many of our kits are going into each province. This way, it also ensures that our kits are not being wasted in duplicate orders which has been a problem for us in the past. Please email or phone us, all we require is your name, mailing address and the number of children you have.

School or Day Care

Although we do not charge schools or day cares for our Child ID Kits, we do have a problem in filling quantity orders free of charge. We do have programs set up in place with sponsors to help with this, please contact our office via e-mail or telephone if you are interested. We also require a written request from the Principal or Director of the school or day care. This will ensure that each school or day care does not receive duplicate orders.

Organization or Business

Your organization or business can show your support and dedication in helping to protect children by pledging ID Kits to local schools, day cares or families in your very own community. For a minimal cost of $2.00 per ID Kit, we will print your company name, logo, address, telephone number or any information you would like on the front cover of each kit in full colour. There is a minimum order of 50 ID kits if you would like to have them personalized. If you do not want them personalized with your particular info, you may order as many as you like. For information on personalized orders, please contact us at 1-888-606-0000 or view our ID Kit Order Form.