We are thrilled to announce that, with the support of the Department of Justice – Victim’s Fund, Victims of Violence is launching a new project titled ‘Exploring and Responding to the Impact of Victimization in Communities.’

Our research will identify services available for direct and indirect victims and the best practices for dealing with their difficulties as identified by stakeholders who deal with individuals impacted by violent crimes in communities. This research will be used in generating a guide which will aid indirect victims in dealing with emotional impact, fears for personal security, physical impact and economic impacts and other issues they face.

Throughout the course of this project we will be compiling research on the various approaches taken by stakeholders in response to the impact on a community following a violent offense. The research will also identify, through contact with service providers, victims of crimes, police, municipalities and other stakeholders, the impact of criminal offenses on the community at large and programming available to members of the community who are indirect victims of a criminal offense.

We would be most interested in hearing any ideas or information related to this project, and can be contacted directly by e-mail.