The Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, meets with stakeholders to set out and discuss the next phase of the Government of Canada’s plan for safe streets and communities. Justice Canada.

The Government will take further action in the following areas:

Tackling crime by holding violent criminals accountable for their crimes

  • The Government intends to bring forward legislation to further toughen penalties for child sexual offences, as well as to better address the risks posed by known child sex offenders.
  • The Government will soon introduce legislation to better protect the public from accused persons who have been found Not Criminally Responsible on account of mental disorder. Such legislation would ensure that public safety is the paramount consideration in these cases.

Enhancing the rights of victims

  • The Government will bring forward legislation to implement a Victims Bill of Rights. This will further enhance the Government’s commitment to victims of crime by entrenching their rights into a single law at the federal level.
  • The Government will also address the important issue of restitution by facilitating victims’ ability to obtain restitution where they incur losses.

Increasing the efficiency of our justice system

  • The Government will continue to look at measures to make our justice system more efficient, including:
    • making the bail regime more effective and efficient;
    • using new technologies in the justice system; and
    • making the extradition regime more effective and efficient.