The Air India Inquiry Action Plan is the Government’s response to the Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182.

The Air India Inquiry Action Plan responds to Commissioner Major’s Report by highlighting six themes where additional action was required before, during and after the time of the terrorist attack in 1985. In ongoing work to address the remaining concerns raised in the Report, the Air India Inquiry Action Plan calls for:

  • Streamlining of criminal trial processes to better manage the unique complexity of terrorist prosecutions;
  • Modifying the federal Witness Protection Program to ensure it is appropriately suited to the types of witnesses who need protection in terrorism cases;
  • Strengthening Canada’s framework for combating terrorist financing;
  • Enhancing cooperation among Canada’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies in particular information sharing for national security purposes;
  • Examining ways to improve how security intelligence is collected and retained, and exploring the process of disclosure and the obligations of security intelligence agencies; and
  • Strengthening aviation security while always focusing on the areas of highest risk.