Toward a Greater Respect for Victims in the Corrections and Conditional Release Act” urges the Government of Canada to provide victims of crime with enhanced and legislated rights.  The report makes 13 recommendations to the Government of Canada to strengthen victims’ rights that touch on:

  • the inclusion of basic victim principles in the CCRA;
  • shifting the burden of responsibility to provide information to victims under the CCRA from victims to the CSC and the NPB;
  • a victim’s ability to learn more about an offender’s progress and rehabilitation;
  • a victim’s ability to be notified of an offender transfer, in advance where possible;
  • the right of victims to attend NPB hearings in person or, where preferred, through the use of available technologies such as video conferencing or access to archived audio or video recordings;
  • giving victims a stronger voice in transfer and release decisions;
  • the timing, frequency and scheduling of parole hearings; and
  • restitution.