“Every Image, Every Child” gives an overview of the problem of Internet-facilitated child sexual abuse, provides limited historical information about what has been done by the federal government on the issue to date, identifies issues that negatively impact child victims and makes nine recommendations for positive change.

The nine recommendations touch on:

  • the term “child pornography”;
  • the limitations of our current privacy laws and the dire implications these have for law enforcement agencies working to find offenders and rescue child victims;
  • the importance of devoting more resources to identifying and rescuing the children found in sexual abuse images;
  • the need to better understand and address the needs of children who have been identified as victims of Internet-facilitated sexual abuse; and
  • solutions for reducing the distribution of child sexual abuse images.

The recommendations contained in this report are directed to the Ministers of Justice and Public Safety, the National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre of the RCMP and the Policy Centre for Victim Issues of the Department of Justice.