Proposed amendments in the legislation include:

  • Automatic inclusion of all convicted sex offenders in the Registry – as opposed to the current scheme where prosecutors must apply and a judge has discretion whether to include a convicted sex offender in the registry.
  • Offenders convicted of a designated sexual offence under the Sex Offender Information Registration Act will also now be subject to a mandatory order to provide a DNA sample for the National DNA Databank;
  • Police will be empowered to use the Registry to prevent sexual offences, unlike now where they can only use the registry to investigate crimes after they are committed;
  • People who are convicted and jailed for sex crimes in another country who return to Canada under the International Transfers of Offenders Act to serve the remainder of their sentence will now be registered in the Sex Offender Registry;
  • Canadians convicted abroad of sex crimes and returning to Canada at the end of sentence must report their conviction to police within 7 days of arriving in Canada or face criminal prosecution;
  • Police to notify foreign or other Canadian police when high-risk registered sex offenders are travelling to that area; and,
  • Amendments to the National Defence Act to ensure that reforms also apply to the military justice system.

Public Safety Canada.